Monday, January 30, 2012

And... I'm back!

I'm back in 2012 with all sorts of new adventures to share! This lapse in posts was a sign I've been super busy doing some really great stuff.

Just to give you an idea of what I've been up to during the period of radio silence:
  • Serving up Turduckenfest 2012 with my good friend C. A multi-course dinner serving 3 layered birds like turducken with custom stuffings and 2 dessert courses.

    Layered birds like a Turducken9 types of stuffings
  • Making my own kitchen corset! My most ambitious sewing project yet - and an internet first. A project C and I took on together, and debuted at Turduckenfest. 
    Introducing, my kitchen corset
  • Moving to the hills overlooking the bay area. That's right, I'm trading in my San Franciscan Victorian for a spacious house in the hills on 3 acres with a hot tub overlooking the city lights.
    Beautiful view from my front yard


  1. Awesome! Will there be more posts on these things? I'd love to see more pics and details on the corset and the new house!!

  2. Yes, I'll post individually soon! Posts coming soon. I'm trying to get some really great detailed pics of the corset before that post...