Monday, May 28, 2012

A roaring good time at our 1920's housewarming party

Photo by Josh Weaver
It's been nearly 5 months since our move to the mountains, and we finally got enough of the place in order to throw a housewarming party! I have been captured by the idea of throwing a roaring 20's speakeasy party for some time now and Peter was all for it.

Photo by Josh Weaver
We had a house full of delightful flappers and mobsters dressed to the nines last night to celebrate our move to the mountains, and the house was done-up properly speak-easy themed (more on what that looks like in this post). Our friends are the bees knees - everyone got in the spirit and dressed up for the occasion which really added to the night.

Yesterday was spent vacuuming up feathers, running loads of glassware, and relaxing in our properly warmed home. What a wonderful weekend this has been!

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